July 27, 2017

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Hi Eli,

As an active member of both Silicon Discourse and also the Spiceworks Community I can’t help but wonder if they are your competition as far as a competing technology community for professionals goes?

On a side note, have you or would you go and check out the Spiceworld Convention in Austin?

SpiceWorld 2017


I will say this, though.  The Spiceworks Community is far far more milk-toasty than Silicon Discourse and I much appreciate your real world mentality as I myself am a realist who enjoys living a moderately/modestly luxurious lifestyle.



Benjamin Conner


Spiceworks has traditionally been pretty much the single and only resource for IT professionals outside of Microsoft’s TechNet (which sucked, in my opinion). Yes, there are lots of trolls on Spiceworks and yes, I have gotten into many-a-fight with them. I find a lot of the trolls are exactly the folks that Eli talks about, those who have been sysadmins for years and years with the same company and don’t want to adopt / adapt to the new realities of the IT world. A lot of these folks are still working with Server 2008 and crap like that. That being said, I don’t see why SD can’t compete. It’s not like there are a million forums / groups out there for IT pros, and having selection is important.

That being said, SpiceWorld the conference is actually VERY good. If you are in the SMB market (whether employed by an SMB, or if you’re a third party IT provider / MSP), THIS is the conference to go to. I’ve gone the past 3 years and been happy each year, despite this past year having a full blown flu which was incredibly awful. I’ve also been to Interop, and to be honest, I found Interop is really high level and really geared towards the larger enterprise. For example, at one particular booth, when the booth folks found out I have a few hundred clients that I use their firewalls on, their only response was “so you sell less than 10,000 of our firewalls per year ?”. This is not the case with SpiceWorld. I spent nearly 50min chatting at SpiceWorld with one vendor, whom I now purchase product from, but in fairly small quantities. Never was I made to feel like a schmo because I didn’t have 100,000 users to deploy to.


Can’t help but notice the similar orange SD logo next to the orange SW in the browser. However given that silicone discourse was originally geek sexy news, and has morphed more into an interactive forum of sorts with one king geek the similarities separate quite quickly from each other.


I remember looking at Spiceworks in 2012 and thinking it looked awesome, but never got around to doing anything about it. Then I went back and looked at it again last year, and it seemed to have gone a bit…..well……like stackoverflow. Not very welcoming to outsiders.