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Afternoon Eli,

Quick Question: Snapchat’s entire infrastructure is built on top of Google’s Cloud Services. Plus, they are using Amazon Web Services as well.  Over the next 5 years they are going to be paying a total of $2.350 billion dollars for those services.  With a valuation of over $23 billion, if SNAP has plans to ditch both services at the end of those 5 years do you think it’s possible for them to create in-house services that can rival Google & Amazon to the point where they can easily migrate their platform? Or, would it be better to try and negotiate a lower rate for those services and stay put?




Eli has said this before, and as someone who works in this field day in and day out, I will confirm it: Migration is the worst thing you can possibly do.

Doesn’t matter if you’re moving server platforms, domains, desktop operating systems, blah blah blah. Migrations suck in all scenarios. Some worse than others, but they still all suck.

COULD they re-create the services in-house ? Sure. How much will it cost, is it worth doing and will it end up saving money in the end ? Those are the real questions.


I have to agree with Lehner and I’m sure Eli will say the same thing about migrations sucking utter assholes to complete and seldom will you be able to complete a migration in the time frame you are thinking of completing it.

For instance, in my last role it took us a little over a year to complete our company email migration from exchange to office 365 as well as the domain change from one domain to another domain.

I would say, for Snapchat it most likely makes sense for them to stay put and continuing to negotiate descent rates for the services they are using between Google and Amazon.