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I am looking to learn how SQL works and some programming I was debating starting a course on and wanted to know if that is a wise choice or if there are other avenues to go down either free or paid for training course?


Hi Stuart,

Udemy is a good route and you could also download a type 2 hypervisor to install Windows Server 2008/2012 as a virtual machine to test out SQL or if you have hardware go with a type 1 hyper visor like Xen Server as a dedicated place for your virtual machines.

I recently picked up one of these Dell mini towers and have installed Xen Server on it to play with virtualizing my own servers.


For a first time SQL user or technician would you recommend a Virtual machine before investing in a mini tower unit?

Obviously hardware versions are better than the virtual version


As I mentioned in the other thread:


If you have an old machine laying around, I’d say put together a LAMP server (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). I did this a while ago to start learning php at home without buying web space. It also forced me to learn how to do a few things in a Ubuntu distribution( I used mint), and set up a server.


It was was a great feeling to know I could (with a little port forwarding) run a web server through my residential ISP.


If YouTube and online resources isn’t a good Way to learn for you, try a website like to get used text books on the cheap. Eli’s videos turned me on to Larry Ullman’s PHP and MySQL books, which were very helpful.