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Good afternoon SD community,

I’m sure many of you have seen the Stack Exchange post from the developer who automated his full time job to reduce it to 2hrs of remote work a week (most of it introducing bugs so that he can be told to fix it). What you you guys think of the legal/ethical responsibilities of hiding automation from your boss?



Depends on what you’re actually getting paid for.  A lot of jobs in the tech world require butts in seats.  One of my jobs literally had do 1 hour of work out of an 8 hour day.. I sat outside the bosses office playing solitaire and he cared less.

I would say as long as you will still do the full 8 when required it doesn’t really matter. They paid you for a job, you did the job…

Employees and bosses are not friends.  If you look at the labor movement in the US it was downright brutal back in the day.  It is an antagonistic relationship to one degree or the other.  Each side looks for advantage.  It seems like this guy just won the lotto in the regards…


He would be stupid to NOT have automated it if had the opportunity to. Introducing bugs is a little sketchy. Beyond that, as top answer says, he is getting payed for result, not hours. How he achieves that result is fully up to his discretion, as long as it is not illegal, like forcing his children to do it.