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Over the weekend I’ve been thinking about entrepreneur-er ideas  and forgot about how a lot of non technical people were using flash drives in their businesses to put products on and I started to wonder from a tech professional standpoint what could I use flash drives for in terms of selling a product that is on it?

For instance, having software that boots off of and runs on a flash drive as opposed to having to install it on your computer.  Whether it is off the shelf or custom software that you write yourself as I am interested in software development.  Would it worth my time to see what I can come up with to incorporate flash drives?



Benjamin Conner


Hi Ben. Not to diminish your entrepreneurial spirit by any means, but I think you might be looking at this the wrong way ? What you’re asking (if I’m reading it correctly), is whether we think your delivery medium makes business sense ? To answer that question, I’d say sure, makes sense. It goes towards the “computer in your pocket” idea. Basically, all your software is loaded onto a USB stick and you can go to ANY computer ANYWHERE, plug that stick in and that computer becomes “your computer” as long as you need to use it. There are definitely some use cases, as while lots of software and applications are going into the web (think SaaS), there are some industries like health care and others that simply can’t keep data on the web because of regulatory and security reasons.

Now, that being said, WHAT do you want to put on your USB stick ? I think that’s the real question. The medium of delivery is a secondary consideration to what exactly you want to deliver.

That being said, don’t take my comments as negativity. I think it’s great that you’re exploring software development, as that’s one of the futures in the IT industry.


An intriguing question!

Personally, I have thought about similar ideas before for the music industry. What if someone could have a whole studio as software in their pocket?

The concern I have with this medium is with security. If a USB stick becomes compromised and then is plugged into a client’s computer, who is at fault if something bad happens?

An interesting way of using USB’s for software is with iLok. The USB holds the all of the licenses for the software one purchases.


Thanks for the quick replies, it is greatly appreciated.


Hi Amazing Tech,

if you want to sell it to companies, I think it will be very hard. Most companies I know and worked for don’t allow USB devices so they deactivate the USB-Ports on all their devices due to security reasons.

As you mentioned custom software, I think companies would be the way to go, because otherwise you maybe (depending on the software) would have to customize your software for every single person?! And that maybe would be too much work?!

Nonetheless: Depending on the software it maybe would be interesting for endusers?! At the moment I can’t see how but as USB(-Sticks) are not dead yet who knows.