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Hey all, first time posting.

Before I start asking noob questions like how long is a piece of string I’d really like to add a topic for discussion which I think is quite valuable.

Are modern-day advertisements creepy, grossly invasive and throwing privacy away?  And what apps / plugins / programs do you use to banish these things to hell?!

For IPhone I have literally coughed up a couple of bucks and paid for an App that amazingly blocks every single in app advertisement as well as the usual browser ads . It also says it uses a fake vpn? I’m not sure why they use it but it works.

For my windows I’ve decided to use chrome and downloaded  Fair Adblocker – It has blocked ads from the most nastiest unblockable sites and it’s free.

What do you use ? Do you use a combination of apps do you do something more advanced?

I’m not just talking about the information google sends to ads ie you search for cars and you see car ads on the next 10 webpages.  I’m talking about the super specific ad you see when you come home from shopping … the ad about a particular shop you were standing out front of in a mall while waiting for your partner who’s off doing something else.

The ad you see while playing a free game that literally says “Hey still undecided about university why don’t you check us out ?’ When I have already enrolled in another university.

The worst of all I’ll never forget this one ever…. for the past year I could swear Facebook was physically listening to me as it was showing me ads that I talked about in person but could never put my finger on it. I was unsure if I mentioned things to someone through Facebook or what’s app or if I typed it in my phone (still freaky and invasive).

I was in kuala-lumpur and my girlfriend wanted to go get a burger to sneak into the cinemas, so she took me to a place called KGB burgers. I laughed at the name and told her KGB is like the Russian version of the American CIA secret service.  I physically told her in person.

When we came out of movie I scrolled through Facebook and to my horror was an ad for a company called KGB Safes (a company that wasn’t even in Malaysia) or relavent to me…. except for me mentioning KGB in person.

So that really woke me up about privacy . I’m became sick of seeing ads that I physically and mentally couldn’t ignore. I realised I had to do more to elimainate these ads.

When I first installed an ad blocker I had used it for two purposes. Making the webpage load quicker and saving data back when I had only 512kbit internet and 400mb of data.

Now it’s for a matter of privacy.

Are other users going out of their way to block every form of advertising ?  Is this something users should be concerned about ? Or am I over reacting and I should make a foil hat?


I actually don’t use them other than for screen capture on my vids.  I figure if the ads are annoying enough to use a blocker, I don’t need to be on the site…

As to the physical tracking… yep… honestly turning the phone off is the only real way to go.  Even the phone companies themselves are storing data about you now.  So you don’t know if it’s Google grabbing your location, or the phone company pinging your phone for it…