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I often made several tips per stream with different name as a question title but got annoyed at character limitation and no history. Yet, I feel a little guilty to do same here. Hope I am not abusing the system too much by asking another question here so soon.

Lets say I am aiming for some enterprise database-driven application development job. I had full time payed development contracts for past 6 years. Each one lasting 4 months with 4 month break in between to satisfy university co-op program. Some had databases, some did not.

Or do I go back another 2 years when I was getting started by doing small occasional freelancing jobs in software dev, network emergency calls, and volunteer work making it 8 years? Or do I go back even further to 2003 when I was 14 years old and parents could not afford private school any longer so I got a free ride in return for maintaining school’s network infrastructure of about 60 computers, server 2003 AD, and corporate style firewall to control student’s internet usage (blocking classmate’s access to social networks was fun)?

Do I state work experience years only for time period of activities most relevant to the job I apply for, does it have to be full time payed job, or does everything count?


Hrmmmmmmm, good question. As an employer, I don’t like it when potential employees lie about things. That being said, you as a prospective employee want to ensure that you’re not underselling yourself, especially if you have the skills and aptitude for the job you’re applying for.

So, let’s do it this way. I would state that you have been working in the technology field since 2003. Then, based on what you were doing at any point in time, list the skills, responsibilities, etc, that you had. So for example, in 2003, you were responsible for 60 workstations, managing a Server 2003, AD, firewall, etc etc.

I would separate what you did as a “volunteer” and what you did when you were “paid”. Usually on resumes, at least in North America, volunteer experience is either at the very beginning or the very end of a resume.

I would consider your private school network administration as “paid” work. This is because they allowed you to attend school, which would otherwise have to be paid for, by doing systems administration. You were “paid” via subsidized tuition. This is work, even if you didn’t receive any money to deposit into your bank account.

That being said, 10+ years is a long time to write up on a resume. Definitely try and cut it down as much as possible, listing the most important and relevant information to your skills and experience. Personally, I’ve been using Enhanvc for a while now ( ). They give an awesome template you can use to create really professional resumes.