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So sime time ago this ransomware struck our technology on a global scale, pretty hard strike if you’d ask me.

That aside but ever since this happened there were numerous of counter measures deployed, such as updates and patches here and there.

With that in mind, i find it shocking this was able to happen, makes the IT sector look quite laughable, any opinions on this?


“It won’t happen to me” mentality. Just one more ice-cream box won’t cause health issues, right? A more “scientific” explanation would be risk management. Everything can be calculated based on probability percentage of failure and is that cost worth taking. There are two possibilities in most manager’s eye:

  1. I do not want to spend a million on failures and downtime that result due to inadvertent faults that go during any type of update cycle when being hit with ransomware is only a percentage risk. I will ride it out as long as I can. Its only a *probability*, after all.
  2. It has been shown in bank industry, that cost of dealing with consequences of stolen bank information, is lower than the cost of increasing security of online bank websites. You can see that with horrible password requirements. Same math can be applied in many places.

The IT sector is still a miss-mash of someone’s nephew or some genius with years of experience.  This stuff is bound to happen especially with lack of documentation and proper policy/procedures in place.  I’ve been to companies that I thought would have spectacular infrastructure to find out it’s all held together with duct tape and a 15 year old server with code some guy stitched together who left the company 10 years go.

That’s why I always stress to business owners, get your infrastructure down.  Nothing worse than leaking or losing sensitive data.