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I am sorry that I bump this topic. I just want to let you guys see how it’s going to look like. The gear is racked and the cabling is the next part of the process.
The system is capable to handle 64 inputs, all the ADDA are clocked with an Apogee Big Ben and Avid – Pro Tools HD as DAW running on a Mac. Thank you guys for your thoughts and input!



Hello Eli

I want to setup a Windows PC with the purpose of doing live multitrack recordings on location. Do you recommend Windows 7 Ultimate or Windows 10 as OS? I’m thinking of installing Windows 7 because, I guess, it is a more robust OS instead of Windows 10, witch has all these apps, bloatware, etc. OR: Which software do you use(d) for doing benchmarks?

I know that you are a Mac user and so am I, but buying a new Mac just for this purpose is too expensive. I can do the multitrack recording in the .aiff container on a Windows machine. After that, I transfer the multitrack files in my Mac studio workstation to do “the hard work” (editing, mixing, adding plug-ins, etc.).

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!


P.S.: YES, I do have a legal version of Windows 7 Ultimate!!


Like everyone else on this thread, I say go with Windows 10 as it is the latest operating system and is the one to be patched quicker than 7 and also Windows 7 will eventually reach end of life sooner than 10.

Personally, I’ve had very rare issues with Windows 10 and have only had minor compatibility issues with it on my custom desktop rig but other than that on any laptop device it runs and runs without issue.

Go for 10 and be done with it.


TL;DR from me…

Think about a used mac!

if not Windows 10…


Simple answer…….how much longer do you think Windows 7 will be relevant in today’s tech world? Windows 10 is geared more towards emerging tech and will be patched quicker than any other MS OS.


My opinion as a professional working in the industry, Windows 7 is NOT “more robust” than Windows 10. Also my professional opinion, Windows 10 is the only way to go these days. I can’t stand it when people deploy operating systems that are 3 generations behind just because they feel those operating systems are “more robust”. That may have been true in the Windows 95 era, but this is 2017. There is no advantage to using an operating system that is that dated.

Yes, I know there are special cases where some software won’t work on Windows 10 but it will work on Windows 7 etc etc, but those are very specific and unique situations (that are becoming more and more rare, in my experience).

For reference, I have a Windows 10 laptop that I use for work purposes that gets 6+ hours of “on-time” every single day of the week. It goes through multiple sleep / hibernate cycles every day. I just checked and the last time I rebooted it was:

3/23/2017, 7:54:42 AM

So it’s been running without a reboot for over 2 months now. No noticeable degradation in performance. It just runs and runs and does what it’s supposed to do.