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I used to play say Five Finger Death Punch video and it would recommend a few more 5FDP videos then it would recommend say Godsmack, okay that made sense and was even helpful. Now it will play the video I ask for and maybe two or three more than run off the rails and recommend Katy Perry?

Even better Friday I watched Eli, then Barnacules and out of nowhere it suggested I might like how to install a stand-up shower from someone I never heard of.

Anyone else notice this, it has been suggested it is because I use Linux but that makes no sense to me? Firefox and Chrome should have nothing to do with my O/S.


I’ve been getting weird recommendations.  I wonder if Youtube is trying to throw in some random videos to see if they can get folks to expand the channels they watch.


My wife likes Godsmack, not really my cup of tea. I guess it might be Youtube changing their algorithm to direct us towards more ‘favourable’ (advertiser friendly, non-controversial) content. I expect coca-cola or microsoft would rather advertise on a Katy Perry video than on death metal. Although if that is the case, it’s rather clumsy.