If you would like a one on one Skype coaching session with Eli just sign up on the form below. These are 25 minute sessions that cost $25.  We only use Skype for these meetings because overall it provides the most reliable experience since it’s in installed app, additionally it keeps track of call logs so it’s easier to see what communication has happened in the past.

These meetings are NOT fan meet and greets!!!  They are business meetings.  Come with your prepared questions and we’ll jump into them.  I can help you with high level questions such as the technologies to focus on for building your infrastructure, how you should prepare for career advancement, and how to build your business.  To be clear these are not troubleshooting sessions.  They are not for help configuring routers, or AD replication.

These meetings are focused on people within the US market.  After doing over 200 of these I know that other countries economic systems are as bizarre to me as our health care system is to people from Europe.  I have no idea how to get a job in India, nor how to build a business in Egypt.  I also have no idea how someone from Bangladesh gets a visa for the US.

Meetings are held between 1oam-11am Eastern Time. I block out my time for these meetings so if you’re a no show there is no refund.  You’re a geek, or want to be one, dealing with time zones is something you should be able to handle. Please cancel 48 hours before the meeting.


  • We only allow 5 days advance appointments.  If slots are not currently open just come back tomorrow.
  • The scheduling app we use is not directly connected to SiliconDiscourse.com.  The Account/ User system is separate.