Geek Sexy News has a dedicated and loyal following that understands that sponsors are who pay the bills to keep the site going.  We are able to make direct calls to actions for our visitors to go to sponsor websites and see what the sponsor has to offer.  Additionally since we only allow tech companies, or tech focused companies to sponsor Geek Sexy News our visitors have a far higher degree of trust in our sponsors and their links.

We now offer sponsored Links on  We have 3 Levels of sponsored Links.  Links are displayed randomly under their category in the right hand sidebar.  We show 10 Company Links, 10 Product Links, and 10 Community Links per page load.

Company – $500 per Month

The Company level of sponsored links at this moment is for tech vendors who see the value in Geek Sexy News and want to help support it’s growth. The Company links are shown before the other levels of sponsorship and are above the fold.

All we need from you is the name of your company, a three word description of your company, and a URL for the link.

Product – $100 per Month

The product level allows sponsors to advertise an individual product, or allows them to highlight specific products.

All we need from you is the name of the product, and the URL for the link.

Community – $25 per Month

The Community Level allows sponsors to show their support for the site and it’s growth.

All we need from you is your name and a URL to your personal webpage or LinkedIn account.


To Buy Links:

Simply  choose the level of sponsorship from the drop down box below, input the Name you wish displayed for the link, and the URL for the link, and then click the Buy Now button.

Name to Display as Link
URL for Link

If you have any questions please just email